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When individuals are considering buying an automobile they are often faced with the dilemma as to whether they should buy or lease the car. There are pros and cons associated with each and the following paragraphs will highlight some of the points regarding both leasing and buying so that individuals can use the information to better help them make an informed decision.

Length of Time with the Automobile

One consideration is how long you might want to keep the same vehicle. Leases usually run 2 to 3 years, depending on the lease type and company, however when one purchases a car, they most likely tend to stick with that automobile for a longer period of time. Therefore, if one is interested in changing automobiles every 2 to 3 years, then a lease transaction may be the better option. That is if you don’t mind making monthly payments and never actually buying the vehicle. If that is a problem then buying is a better option because your payments actual result in the purchase of a car.

Monthly Payments

When considering whether to lease or buy an automobile, one should consider how much they want to spend each month on automobile payments. For those who wish to spend less money each month a lease is probably better; however, if an individual can spend a little bit more on the car each month, then purchasing might be the best bet.

Building up Sale or Trade Value in the Automobile

For those individuals who wish to build up sale or trade value with an automobile, purchasing the car will help that person do so. On the contrary with a lease the individual does not build equity in the car as they do not own the car but rather lease it for a period of time. Therefore, if one is looking to build up sale or trade value with an automobile, a purchase of the car is the better route.

Drive More Than Average

When deciding between a purchase and a lease, an individual needs to determine how much they expect to drive the car on an annual basis. If the individual is going to be driving more than the average person would, a car purchase may be better as many companies that lease vehicles will charge extra money for extra mileage put on the car. On the other hand, if the individual will be driving the car an average amount of time, then a lease may work for that particular person.

The previously mentioned topics are just a few factors which an individual should consider prior to determining whether a lease or purchase is the best bet for them. When all is said and done, deciding whether to purchase or lease a car is a personal decision which needs to be left up to the individual who will be driving the automobile.

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