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Vehicle purchases are one of the most common, high priced purchases that individuals make each year. The amount of money consumers spend on vehicle purchases varies depending on certain factors such as vehicle make and model, sticker price and rebates. One way in which individuals can save themselves a great deal of money on vehicle purchases is by purchasing the automobile at the right time. Certain times will yield better deals for consumers and the following paragraphs will highlight some of these instances.

Purchase a Vehicle When Next Year’s Models are Arriving

One period of time in which consumers looking to purchase vehicles will see great deals is when next year’s models are coming out and an individual is looking to purchase the current year’s model. It is usually between the months of July and October when car manufacturers present their automobiles for the next calendar year. By purchasing a current year model, one will see big savings with regard to the overall price as car dealerships will be trying to sell the current year’s models as fast as possible to make room for the new vehicles.

One who is looking to purchase the current year’s vehicle will save in a few different ways. First, the car manufacturer may offer rebates for consumers who wish to purchase vehicles from the current year. Secondly, car dealerships will also be cutting the cost of current year vehicles in order to sell them as quickly as possible. Purchasing a current year model during this time period is a great way to get a new car and save quite a bit of money in the long run.

Purchase a Vehicle When Overall Vehicle Sales are Low

Another wonderful time to consider purchasing a vehicle is when vehicle sales overall are lower than usual. One month in particular where car dealerships will see a lull is during the month of December. As individuals are usually rushing around, trying to get ready for the holidays and purchasing holiday gifts, they are less likely to be thinking of an automobile purchase at this time. For this reason, car dealerships will try to advertise more incentives to get more customers. Also, since it is the last month of the year, dealerships will be doing their best to meet an annual sales quota and this too will make them more likely to offer good deals and incentives.

Purchase a Vehicle on the Last Saturday of the Month

The last Saturday of each month is also a great time to take advantage of good deals on vehicle purchases. Since there are monthly sales quotas as well which car dealers and employees need to meet, purchasing a car at this time may meet with a better price than some other days.

Vehicle purchases are very important and can be quite costly as well. Therefore, by taking note of the previously mentioned tips, one may be able to obtain the best deal possible when buying a car and save some of that hard earned cash.

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