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 Purchasing a used car is a great way to obtain an automobile without having to pay a large installment payment each month. Although one has to purchase used cars with care, a used car is useful for individuals on limited budgets or those who are looking for a car to drive around on brief occasions. When purchasing a used car, it is important for the prospective buyers to be on the lookout for a variety of used car scams that occur from time to time.

Odometer Tampering

One of the most frequently perpetrated used car scams these days is odometer tampering. There have been many instances where used car owners have rolled back the odometer readings to show a more favorable reading. This is one used car scam that individuals should be aware of when purchasing a used car. Nobody wants to buy a car they think has 50,000 miles if it really had 150,000 miles. Buying from reputable sellers will help protect you from this scam.

Salvaged Autos

Another used car scam occurs when individuals try to sell autos which are deemed by insurance companies to be total losses. Individuals will fix the car up and then sell it to an unsuspecting buyer, not letting them know that the car was actually salvaged. This is where professional inspections of a used car may come in handy prior to purchasing it.

Lemon Cars

Some used car dealers may even try to pass off a lemon car as a good used car to unsuspecting buyers. There are various laws in existence which help individuals to be free from purchasing lemon cars. However, some lemon car sales still slip through and therefore, individuals should be aware of the possibility of this occurring.

Seller Does Not Hold Title

One last used car scam which individuals should be aware of is when “used car dealers” try to sell cars that do not even belong to them. As an individual who is not the true owner of an automobile cannot pass good title on the car, it is crucial that the buyer of the used car asked to see the title for the car prior to purchasing it. By doing so, the buyer can ensure that the individual who is transferring title to the car has the right to do so.

These are some of the main used car scams that individuals should be aware of when looking for a used automobile. Simply by having this knowledge, individuals may be better prepared to go into the used car arena and find a suitable automobile now that they know what to be on the lookout for with regard to used car scams.

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